Your Business Partner Defining Your Business Algorithms To Drive Smarter

Your Business Partner Defining Your Business Algorithms To Drive Smarter Revolutionizing Enterprises To Work Toward Attaining Their Business Goals Engineering Robust & Scalable Solution Equipped With AI & Machine Learning

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Your Strategic Partner To Well-Turn your Business

Infoxen is instantiated with a group of code maniacs and artistic minds to streamline the working efficiency for the startups and brands. We help businesses to step forward in their organizational structure embracing the most lucrative methodology and modern-equipped technologies imbibed with AI & Machine Learning algorithms.

As a trustworthy partner, we eagerly reinforce enterprises to get the most out of their investment while strengthening their market scope and business extension for the long run.

Since our inception, we have been delivering our years of proficiency and commitment to a diversified range of industries & business contexts and simplifying their organizational structure while ensuring amplified business outcomes.

Our Story

With a strong collaborative team, Infoxen crafted its foundational image in the year 2017 to serve IT Consulting & Digital Transformation services embracing futuristic technologies for diversified industry range and a multitude of business contexts.

Considering the present IT industry challenges and adopting the swiftly increasing market strategies, we initiated working toward delivering the IT solution to the startups, mid-sized to large-sized organizations equipped with standard working methodologies, design patterns, and applying unit testing.

In 2018, our steadily and enthusiastic efforts strengthened our organizational structure and evolved our business outreach in the US market as well whereby we got success in innovating and expanding our potential in the global market.

With this strategic continuity, we could emerge as a sturdy and respected IT Consulting Partner. But this could not stop us, we were still in the race of going ahead while serving astounding solutions imbibing the emerging technologies to lead growth and success while reserving the future potential.

The year 2019 brought a significant turn in our organization as we got success in spreading our legs in the Australia market too with a manpower strength of 100 techie minds. This expansion rooted trust & loyalty in the minds of our esteemed clients with sound reviews and appreciations and now are continued toward our strategic enlargement.

Our Proven
Team Structure

Defines our business values with a strong grasp on the latest technologies like java, node, python, angular etc. AI algorithms, and Machine Learning capabilities, our team renders their proven expertise by assimilating the project needs combining futuristic approach, steadily changing user adoption, rapidly changing market trends, and more.

We are a group of staunch team that loves to take the challenges & demonstrate their passion, diligence, and enthusiasm to ensure a satisfactory delivery model. Adhering to digitally transforming market-scenario, our team continuously proliferating their skill-set and technology prowess. Leveraging the leading technology solutions like SaaS Development, E-commerce Development, Cloud Development, App Development, AI & Machine Learning, etc., the company is rapidly scaling and leaving its remarkable footprints across the international market.

Social Awareness

Individually, we cannot change the world but yes a single collaborative effort makes difference. Hence, considering the societal issues, economic conditions, and lacking development, we are sharing our contribution to social activities & awareness vigorously.


Considering today’s societal need for technological and digital advancement, we are working and striving to develop a social deal to serve our government supporting & transforming the way of life. With our initiation, we are steadily endeavoring and putting our efforts to make a successive path. We don’t know whether we will able to build a futuristic or a game-changing deal or not, but yes we are with a tag of “Work in Progress”.

Our Achievements

Our Achievement describes the story of the efforts we have performed throughout our professional journey and of course, everyone consists of a set of efforts beyond their achievements.

Empowered with 80+ consultants just within 2-years
An ISO certified company with accredited certification of ISO 27001
Official Partner for Magento, Amazon AWS, and DigitalOcean

By enabling friendly & learning workspace, we are working toward enlarging our team and major working capabilities while supporting the ideation of our workforce to attain greater efficiency and drive innovation.

With continuous technology adaption, we are conferring work patterns to the technology enthusiasts to uplift their tech skills and heighten their position they are holding.

Our Efforts Toward Robotic Innovation

Perceiving today’s evolving market scenario and rapidly transforming robotic capabilities, Infoxen’s robotic services team is working toward innovating a robot simplifying the life of humans. We are not on the major mission in this arena, we are just endeavoring our efforts to unfold the true potentials of Robotics as a Service (RaaS).

We are striving to unleash the power of enterprises manual, hazardous, and repetitive tasks across the multiple operating locations.

Our potential efforts are focused to strengthen the organizational efforts and support the innovative goals to ensure surmounting the growth hacks.

Our Robotic team is in the process to build smart & productivity-driven Robo, - “Infoxobot”