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Terms Of Service

This website is owned and driven by Infoxen Technologies India Pvt. Ltd. comprises information about the services and solutions offered by Infoxen to its existing client base and potential customers across the globe.

The information you access and make use of this website is subject to the terms & conditions described herein. Hence, it is requested to go through the whole information provisioned on this webpage prior to browsing through our other web pages, make use of any information provided, but not limited to, blogs, text & images, and videos as all such stuff are owned by Infoxen and property of Infoxen.

The content furnished on this website is aimed to provide general information about the products & services Infoxen offers. We put hard efforts to ensure that the information included on our site is accurate, timely upgraded, and unprejudiced. However, there is always space remains for errors & omissions

At the moment you access this website, you agree to be bound by these terms & conditions, applicable law & regulations, and accountable for compliance with the same. Further, proceeding to access the pages on this site will indicate that you are agreed to all the information documented herein. In case, you do not agree with any of the written statements of this document, you are prohibited from accessing and using the site and its information provided herein.

All the data, information, and material available on this website may include copyright protection & trademark which you agree to the extent. If you have any queries allied to our website terms of service documented herein, feel free to write to us on ask@infoxen.com

Use Of Content & Restrictions

You are permitted to download the information available to download about products & services of Infoxen. You are agreed to download and access such information mere for non-commercial & non-trade purposes.

Further, you are not permitted to:

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In case, you violate any term listed in this terms and conditions document, the service license shall terminate your use automatically and you must stop accessing & using the information mentioned on this website, and destroy the downloaded data, information or material which is in your possession whether in printed or electronic form.

Disclaimer And Limitations

Accessing and using the website’s content will be the user’s sole risk and not involving the owner of the website, respective employees, its affiliate-partners, agents, third-party content provider or licensors. Moreover, Infoxen will not be responsible for the results that may be obtained by making use of the information or material of the website.

The website, website owner, and the company don’t guarantee any uninterrupted access to the website. The company also does not warrant that the information provided on our website is free of errors, omissions, inaccuracies, viruses, and spams. Infoxen will not be liable for such damage, failure or inefficiencies derived from the use of any information, material, or anything that is demonstrated on the website.

Intellectual Property Rights

Infoxen reserves all the copyrights and trademarks with respect to its content posted on the website, logos, images, videos, and more as such materials are the intellectual property of the Infoxen Technologies India Pvt. Ltd.

Users Comments

Any obligation performed by the users on this website will not be assumed as Infoxen treat everything you post, sent, or comment on this website a non-commercial and non-proprietary. No information or data processed by you on this website will affect the integrity and security of the website.

By submitting any information to this website, users are agreed that they are giving an irrevocable license to the Infoxen in terms of using, executing, displaying, modifying, and transmitting the data in any disciplined way.

Modifications & Amendments

Infoxen reserves the right to change or modify the terms of use document (under which the site is offered) anytime without publicizing or any prior notice. Users are requested to read our terms of conditions page periodically as they will be automatically bound by these modifications or amendments when they browse this website.

Governing Law

Any claim arises or any controversy takes place will be related to Infoxen’s terms of service, shall be governed by the applicable law in India, the court will have exclusive jurisdiction.