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At Infoxen, we strive to cater to high-end security testing services for the enterprises to ensure the precise functioning of the application while securing your crucial data from all the security hack potentials. We imbibe the capability to analyze both the static as well as the dynamic perception of the threat while ensuring regular tracking for vulnerabilities that may arise in the future. We eliminate every single security loophole of your application and ensure a smoother workflow to drive innovation and efficacious returns.

Our testing experts consider security testing as a vital component throughout the software development life cycle. We perform step by step rigorous testing to validate that your application data is free from possible security attempts and not containing any errors using our open-source tools, SQL injection techniques, and other security algorithms.

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We help to put forward your business by implementing our standard approach during the testing process of your application. We are dextrous in the early & fast detection of vulnerabilities and applying the testing methodology as per your business priorities.

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What is meant by security testing?
Security testing is performed to ensure reliability and smoother functionality of the app or website. It helps to detect and fix bugs and vulnerabilities that become obstacles in navigating your web or app functionality. It is such a process that is performed to ensure that your site is secure from any security attacks and no outside factors are going to interrupt your system flow or navigation.
Security testing is the process of detecting the threats and potential vulnerabilities in your application to ensure the robust and continuous working of your system software, web or mobile applications.
Security testing helps businesses by rescuing their system from potential interruptions and limitations that may impact your enterprise’s continuity, process flow, and eventually productivity.
Security testing is performed to ensure that no loophole has remained to stop your functionality and you are not going to compromise with your system security at any cost. Security testing is performed considering every aspect of your system lacks and potential vulnerabilities.
Here is what things are encompassed in security testing:
1. Vulnerability Assessment 2.
Penetration Testing
3. Security Code Review
4. Infrastructure Security Audit
5. Compliance Testing
Well, there are several tools that are used to perform security testing of your web, app, and desktop applications.
Here is a list of most common and widely used security testing tools:
1. W3af
2. Wapiti
3. SQLMap
4. Test Director
5. Quality Center
6. Microsoft Test Manager
Security testing helps businesses to enjoy smoother navigation of their apps or software and enable them to focus on their core operations rather than to struggle with security lacks or system interruptions. When you adopt security and testing services for your web and app solution, testing experts remove all the bugs, vulnerabilities, and security leakage that may downgrade your system efficiency. When it comes to hiring security testing services, you get success in getting the most out of your investment and enable a smoother flow for your day-to-day operations that ultimately affects your production flow.

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