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React Vs Angular: A Battle Between Two

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Posted By: Vasudev Arora
September 11, 2020 |

When the battle comes between JS frameworks, the two most popular names that come ahead are React and Angular. So, this blog will roll-out all about these two major market competitors wherein it will help you to make a smarter decision while considering out of these two. So, let’s consider all the vital factors that may help you to choose the one relevant to your business objectives. 

Initially, both the React and Angular frameworks are used to develop web apps and modern enterprises are in rivalry to develop and deploy their web apps to drive a productive approach in their business while reserving their scalable part. Often businesses get confused when it comes to choosing React development or Angular development. So, let’s explain one by one and drive a difference between both.

Overview Of AngularJS & ReactJS :


ReactJS is an open-source JavaScript library used to build power-packed enterprise solutions in terms of web applications. ReactJS is reinforced and maintained by Facebook and the community which is driven by developers and companies. Using this framework, experts can make powerful and rich-functionality equipped browser-based applications to run anywhere leveraging any device compatibility.

ReactJS is helpful for those business minds willing to drive single-page web applications with dynamic efficiency. These apps can be developed and deployed in a shorter time-span. Thereby, brands can market their app with prompt effect and can anticipate getting instant results.

Advantages Of ReactJS :

Improved User Experience

ReactJS leverages the Virtual DOM that enables the React Developers to personalize the code at every stage without making extra efforts. For instance, the ReactJS library provides development flexibility to the developers to customize the app at any stage without affecting the entire code. This helps brands to personalize the app with changing requirements to ensure the improved customer experience along with the retention rate.

Time-Saving Deal

ReactJS is developed in isolated components wherein it doesn’t have any effect if changes take place in any term of development. For instance, it allows developers to modify the particular part of the code without disturbing the whole code context and this saves time to update the code to satisfy the transformational requirements.

Quick Development

ReactJS comes with ample opportunity to reuse the code and ensure efficient use throughout the development process. Leveraging such things help the development team to speed-up their performance and drive an effective approach. This helps the enterprises quickly release their app and penetrate the digital market with changing needs.


AngularJS is another market warrior to build business-strengthening web applications. This open-source framework is supported and maintained by Google and a community of individual developers and supportive corporations. This framework enables the developers to fully leverage the HTML functionality to ensure designing pretty intuitive templates.

Angular offers complete control to the developers to design, develop, and deploy the highly enriched mobile apps and web apps. When it comes to hiring an Angular developer, enterprises consider a MeanStack developer and Angular is a part of MeanStack.

Advantages Of AngularJS :

Clear & Efficient Code

AngularJS leverages TypeScript programming language – a superset of JavaScript that enables the developers to diagnose and eliminate the issues like errors while typing the code. With Angular, developers can write clear and efficient code with no errors that eventually ensures the optimum quality of your code.

Powerful UI Design

Angular offers a pre-built-option to the designers to make the designing process smoother and easier. Such pre-built material design components include navigation features, form elements, popup, layout options, and data tables. To have more enlightenment on this, you can always take recourse of a prominent Angular development company.

Smoother & Interruption-Free

Angular comes with an easy to install and user-friendly interface, simpler command options, and easy testing tool options that ease the quality assurance team to ensure interruption-free code. This platform also enables the developers to update those elements as well that demonstrate third-party dependencies.

Comparison Factors For AngularJS And ReactJS :

Component Usage

AngularJS provides flexibility in terms of component reuse and this makes the development part easy and triggers the development process. This platform enables developers to break down the code in multiple files. They can leverage the efficiency of reusing the templates whenever a similar need arises.

React comes with a different sort of development practices utilizing different architecture. It provides a different set of development elements to make the code more functional and lucrative. This platform allows experts to create code equipped with logical and readable efficiency.

UI Component

React comes with several free and paid UI components that are developed and released by its community. Whereas Angular is imbibed with a number of built-in components that help the development team to simplify and faster the development process.


React leverages multiple coding editing tools like Visual Studio, Atom, etc. further it uses CLI, Next.JS framework, and different testing tools to test the quality of the code. Whereas Angular uses Visual Studio, Sublime Text, etc. along with other effective tools to handle server-side and other tools include Angular CLI and Angular Universal.


When we talk about architecture, both the Angular and React imbibe component-based architecture to ensure reliability and modularity. But yes, the tech part makes a difference. React leverages JavaScript whereas Angular uses TypeScript that enables developers to develop more error-free code.

Development Efficiency

Angular enables developers to develop and create a workspace and ensure designing high-functioning applications with one-liner codes. It allows for creating a clean and clear code utilizing the typeScript. 

When we talk about React, it may affect the development speed and efficiency as it embraces third-party libraries. If your project is handled by the same development team, React is a good choice but can take a long time to perceive the code if it is handovered to the new development team.

User Experience

Since React uses Virtual DOM for developing applications whereas Angular with its new version involves the features and elements that create a sturdy competition between these two market players. Hence, in terms of user performance, both frameworks deliver intense results.

Testing Part

Angular ensures their testing for an entire project using testing tools like Protractor, Karma, etc. but the React says no in this case. React requires a number of tools to perform seamless testing for the entire project. Hence, the React developer you hire must have exposure to unit testing so as the time can be rescued during the testing and quality assurance phase.

Update & Upgrades

Angular comes with CLI that allows to seamlessly and easily upgrade the app to the newest version if users are willing to imbibe the latest Angular 7 version. It ensures effortless and automated updating which really helps the brands ensure reliability and continuity in their business.

Whereas React facilitates transitions between the old and new versions. In the case of React, front-end libraries have to ensure their dependence on external libraries to perform updation and migration of third-party components seamlessly. This platform somehow increases the efforts of developers as every time they need to check the compatibility of libraries with the newest version of JavaScript

Final Word

Now, we have reached the conclusion. Let’s summarize things to support your decision out of these two:

Choose to React development when you want to acquire a highly customized app and the mobile app development team you hire has in-depth expertise in HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. If you want to focus more on the pre-development phase, ReactJS could be the best choice. If you think you need an app comprising the vast functionality, consider React as it will require to integrate more components that React serves.

Choose Angular development when you think you need less complexities and the development team has industry expertise in Java and C# programming languages. If your app can survive with ready-to-use solutions and you are willing to have instant productive growth, Angular is good to go. If app size matters to you, Angular could be a proven choice for your enterprise.

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