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How Much Does It Cost To Build An App Like UrbanClap?

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Posted By: Parakh Goel
July 30, 2020 |

With the amplification of on-demand services and leveraging the same using mobile phones, on-demand service apps are gaining popularity. These apps are considered an open opportunity for every grade of the business domain and industry context. These apps connect multi-industry vendors and every type of user/customer and render a one-stop solution to effectively deal with household and other services in no time.

When we peep into the market, UrbanClap reserves the largest market potential and trust of modern users who believe in hassle-free services in terms of home cleaning, plumbing, washing machine or AC repairing, salon services at home, and more. As all these on-demand services can be availed in a chunk of time, today’s users are taking advantage of such a modern approach and making their life more flexible and convenient.

If an idea of developing an on-demand app is rolling in your mind, you are on the right track as users are more likely to utilize these apps whenever in need. After the exalted success of other on-demand apps providing distinct services, for instance, riding, food delivery, grocery delivery, laundry service, and other rental services apps, most of the organizations are living with the idea of implementing an on-demand app and seeking a capable organization with a sturdy team for mobile app development.

If we consider an overall app market, we can see rapid growth since the year 2014 and a subsequent augmentation year by year which is expected to reach $ 935.2 by the year 2023. 

The below-demonstrated figure describes the rest story:

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So, you can see how the mobile app development market is booming year by year, and with emerging app concepts like UrbanClap; enterprises can leverage the rising scope and can emerge with rapid growth and scalability.

So, let’s have an overview of an On-Demand app like Urban Clap, how to plan, strategize, and develop the app along with the cost involved. Before implementing an app idea, it is vital to know what service categories it offers, how the UrbanClap app works, and what features it imbibes?

Service Categories Offerings

Home Cleaning & Repair
Shifting Home
Tutors & Lessons
Home Design & Construction
Wedding Services
Health & Wellness
Party & Event Services
Business Opportunity
Kids Services

Features Of UrbanClap App

UrbanClap app embraces a multitude of features distinctively for customers, service providers, and administrators. Here is a straightforward glimpse of features:

Customers App Features

  • Fast & Simple Registration
  • Simplified Login Using Social Account
  • Multilingual Support
  • Real-Time Search & Access
  • Profile View For Service Providers
  • In-app Chat & Questionnaire
  • Push Notifications
  • Schedule Booking
  • Flexible Payment Methods
  • Service Feedback
  • Emergency Service
  • Apply Coupon & Avail Discount
  • Order & Payment History

Service Providers Features

  • Simple & Quick Sign-In
  • Profile Reviewing
  • In-App Chat Column
  • Feedback Reply
  • Setting Different Rate Plans
  • Service Listing With Charges
  • Setting For Service Availability
  • GPS Tracking
  • Work & Payment History

Admin Panel Features

Map View For Customer Locations
Fully-Functional Admin Dashboard
Advance CMS & CRM
Manage Entire Booking
Manage Customers & Partners
Backup & Restoration
Payments & Bills Details
Offers & Discounts Management
Subscription & Pricing Management
Sales Analytics & MIS Reports

Why On-Demand Apps Like UrbanClap Are Taking A Continuous Lope In The Market?

As people are moving toward flexibility and convenience and the market is also ready to serve so, on-demand apps are booming in a significant manner. Let’s have a look at the benefits of these apps leveraged by both the providers and users:

Saves Time & Ensures Convenience

On-Demand apps help users to book and avail the required service in no time. It also helps users to prevent taking services from unknown or unverified providers who can come up with low-quality services whereby users have to compromise at a quality level.

So, using such apps, users can enjoy the handpicked and verified services ensured from the end of UrbanClap itself. Moreover, it also reduces the stress of selecting the expert one and saves time as whenever the user needs to avail of any service, he/she can simply take recourse of such apps with quick efforts.

Hassle-Free & User-Friendly

These apps are designed with a simple and easy to use interface whereby users can make effective use of it. It’s easy navigation, drop-down options help users to search and make a valuable decision with easy efforts. Hence, one doesn’t have to struggle while searching for verified service providers as these apps offer a user-friendly and hassle-free interface to carry out their day to day needs.

Highly Secured & Reliable

These platforms are built while taking care of security concerns from the very initial stage so that no hacker can ensure their successful attempt. Thus, everything information or data remains secured on this service portal. Even the service details, ratings, or reviews cannot be altered. Users can enjoy highly safe and reliable services using this app.

Easy Online Payment

With the increasing flexibility of making payments almost everywhere, an app like UrbanClap also amuses its users with an easy online payment facility. Users can make payments using debit or credit cards, net banking, e-wallets, and other integrated digital payment apps to ensure easy and hassle-free payment while eliminating the hassle of paying in cash mode.

Revenue Generation Model With An App Like UrbanClap

This app acts as a one-stop solution for a versatile range of services that ensure personalized services to clientele with sound UI experience. Using this type of app, enterprises can leverage various ways in terms of revenue generation to acquire monetary benefits. So, let’s have eyes on various types of revenue generation methods:


This app is designed consisting of several sections to place advertisements without interfering with the interface of the app whereby enterprises can start earning whenever the user ensures a relevant click on such ads.


With this app, you act as a mediator between the service providers and users. Whenever the user’s avail of any service, you can receive commissions decided during signing an agreement with the service providers.


To remain on top, service providers pay an extra amount to highlight their profile and services to catch users’ attention instantly. Through this profile sponsorship, service providers get more business and you get extra perks.

To know more about monetization ways through this app, you can always connect to experts at our Mobile app development company.

How UrbanClap App Works?

This on-demand app offers an easy to use approach whereby users can seamlessly book and avail the services they are willing to enlist while ensuring easy payment, refund, and cancellation process. Let’s unfold the step by step working of UrbanClap app:

Register Themselves

By inputting and submitting the basic information like name, contact details, and address; users have to register themselves to start exploring the services they are looking for.

Choose Professional/Service

Users can simply search and choose from the list of professionals based on their profiles or past user-reviews they gained so far.

Hire The Professional

Once the users are done with their search, they can finally hire the best one professional appealing them the most and can enjoy their services at their own pace.

Professional Visits Your Location

Once the user finalizes their hiring or booking the services, the professional visits to the user’s preferred location and lets him/her enjoy their flexibility.

Ensures His/Her Job

The professional reaches the user’s preferred location and ensures their on-time job completion. Once they are done, they simply leave.

Make Easy Payments

After successfully availing the services, users can make easy payments leveraging various payment methods available on the app.

Technology Stack For UrbanClap

To build an on-demand app like UrbanClap, following set of technologies can deliver an amazing experience:

Android Studio (For Android Development)
Swift (For iOS Development)
MySql Database
PHP, CSS3, HTML5, JavaScript & JQuery
Amazon Cloud For Hosting

Process We Adopt

To ensure your app success, we strive hard to perform end-to-end development leading your objective to come true. Here is how your app goes through different development stages.

Requirement Gathering & Analysis

Cognizing your app goals and your described requirements, we perform deep research, market analysis, and your project scope to develop a product defining your business values.

Interface Design

We design a super intuitive and easy-to-use interface while Keeping your potential users and geo-locations in mind helping your enterprises to attract and engage users with a long-lasting deal.

Customized Development

Once the design phase gets over, we focus on your core development part. We develop highly customized, feature-enriched, and smooth functionality to impact and ensure customer retention.

Personalization & Integration

When the whole development gets done, we consider your personalization part whereby we ensure integration with payment gateway, internal systems, and other third-party APIs.

Testing & Quality Assurance

As we eternally take care of quality delivery, hence, we perform end-to-end unit testing throughout your ios app development to ensure bugs-free and interruption-free deployment. 

Final Deployment

As we adhere to agile development, thereby, before final delivery, we ensure whether the entire customization is performed. This helps our clients to bolster their business objectives.

How Much Does It Cost To Develop An App Like UrbanClap

The exact estimate can be given after analyzing your business requirements and development complexities your project involves. When it comes to rough estimates, the cost may lie around $40K to $50k. But, again, your app development cost may vary depending on the actual business requirements and app development expectations.

To know your exact costing figure for an app like UrbanClap, contact Infoxen – a steadily growing mobile app development company. We can render a complete idea of getting started along with the approach of ensuring digital success post launching.

Summing Up

With increasing user adoption and tech-savviness, on-demand apps like UrbanClap are gaining popularity day-by-day and if an idea of developing such type of app is reserving your goals, do contact us, app consultants at Infoxen can help you to build a personalized solution for an app like UrbanClap.

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