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The Best Artificial Intelligence Software Development Tools for 2020

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Posted By: Poonam Singh
February 14, 2020 |

Artificial Intelligence is one of the most used modern technologies that encounter breakthroughs every other day. It has become a crucial part of business software and will continue to provide innovative solutions in the upcoming future. Most corporations like Microsoft, Google, and Amazon have already incorporated AI algorithms in their everyday functionality to automate the tasks for users as well as employees.

Though some people believe that artificial intelligence will replace their jobs, that’s not true at all. AI applications are designed to make your job easier, not to replace it. With the help of various AI solutions like Chatbot development or smart search, it is now much easier for businesses to assist their customers and provide better services.

So, if you are one of the best AI development companies providing AI development services to various business domains, then it is crucial to stay up-to-date with the latest AI development tools. This article aims to introduce you to the AI software development tools that you should look out for in 2020.

1. Google Cloud AI Platform

The Google Cloud AI platform is one of the most popular AI Development tools enabling developers to train, host, deploy, and share machine learning models. Also, it is efficient and very cost-effective as compared to other tools, which makes it an ideal choice of professionals for deploying their project ideas. It is included with the following features:

  • Offer various capabilities like machine learning, GC Cloud, REST API, Deep Learning, etc.
  • Helps in training, analyzing, and tuning your model
  • Allow you to get predictions for the deployed project, monitor those predictions, as well as manage your models and its versions
  • Comes with NLP capabilities that can be used to find out the meaning and structure of the text

The cost of the Google Cloud AI platform is different for different countries. For example, in the US, it is $.049/hour per training unit, whereas, in Europe, it is $0.54/hour.

2. TensorFlow

It is a popular machine learning platform that is known for transmitting high-performance numerical computations. Also, it comes with excellent architecture support that makes it easy to deploy computations across mobile devices, desktops, and servers. TensorFlow consists of the following capabilities:

  • Serves as a whole ecosystem that provides solutions for real-world problems in artificial intelligence
  • Allows you to choose from a variety of abstractions based on your requirements
  • Integrated with high-level APIs like Keras for building and training models
  • Supports the creation of complex technologies for research and development

It is an open-source tool that is completely free to use.

3. Azure Machine Learning Studio

Azure ML Studio is specially designed for companies that don’t have coding expertise, as it allows them to create AI applications with minimal coding knowledge. Also, it helps in deploying your models as a web service, which will be platform-independent while being able to use any data source. It offers the following functionalities to users:

  • Simplifies the entire data science work process for AI development companies
  • Allows you to deploy your models in the cloud as well as on-premises
  • Can easily be integrated with open-source technologies
  • Comes with the drag-drop feature, which makes it easier to use

It comes with a free trial that provides you with more than 25 services with one account. If your business requirements are more than that, then you can easily upgrade your subscription by paying extra charges.

4. IBM Watson

IBM Watson is a well-known name in the AI software development tools that are specifically tailored for industries like Advertising, Oil & Gas, Healthcare, Financial Services, Internet of Things, etc. It supports SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 11 OS using the Apache Hadoop framework. One of the greatest advantages of using Watson is that it understands the real concepts of training your model. Features of IBM Watson are as follows:

  • Allows building AI-powered conversational interfaces into your app by integrating Watson Assistant
  • Comes with extensive and useful developers tools like SDKs with a detailed documentation
  • Combined with Natural Language Processing capabilities, which is known as Watson Natural Language Understanding (NLU)
  • Supports distributed computing and provides an API for application development

IBM Watson is an open-source development tool for cloud environments.

5.   Infosys Nia

Infosys Nia is an AI platform that helps companies build AI-powered applications while converting complex tasks into simpler ones. It consists of three major components – Data platform, Automation platform, and Knowledge platform. Moreover, it is helpful in improving systems and processes to empower businesses.

  • Advanced ML that provides a variety of ML algorithms for building high-performing ML models
  • Comes with contracts analysis capability that is included with deep learning, ML, and semantic modeling
  • The automation platform helps combine RPA, Predictive automation, and Cognitive automation
  • Helps in building AI-powered chatbot development, advanced machine learning, and business applications

Infosys Nia has different pricing categories based on your business needs. You can check out the pricing details here.

These are the top AI Development tools that every AI development company should checkout in 2020.

Final Words

Artificial Intelligence is evolving with each passing day, and it is providing the IT industry with new software solutions and innovations. Thus, AI development service providers must keep up with the latest trends and tools for artificial intelligence. In this article, we talked about the top five Artificial intelligence software development tools that every business should look out for in 2020.

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