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What Languages to Select for Enterprise Application Development

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Posted By: Parakh Goel
July 30, 2020 |

Is it your budget allocated for the project, the developer’s team size or their capabilities to meet your business requirements. Well, you would be amazed to know that these all are secondary parameters to be considered. It’s nothing more than your short and long term goals and overall expectations from the project that makes you choose the language that is fit for your project. Despite hundreds of programming languages available in the market today, very few are on the list of languages that can really help in making your enterprise project a true success.

Java and JavaScript are the two most popular, well-known, dominant programming languages from the ocean that holds the crown for the most widely used programming languages for enterprise application development

When it comes to the development of any website, software or application, the whole is categorized into two major parts, namely, frontend development (which is also called client-side) and backend development (which is also called as server-side). Thus, for the complete development cycle, you need to select two different languages. However, choosing any language which is viable at both frontend and backend can be a plus but that should satisfy your business goals.


If you are looking for a cool boy for your project then JavaScript is the key to unlock the door. It is the most widely used language for designing interactive frontend enterprise applications. 

JavaScript being compatible with all the browsers now can also live outside the browsers. It decides the behavior of any web page on the occurrence of any event, specifically on the client-side of the web. However, It also allows you the development on the server-side through Node.js, which is a JavaScript runtime environment. 

Business Benefits of adopting JavaScript as the front-end development language for Enterprise Application Development:

  • Fast and Responsive: One of the key challenges with modern web development is network latency. End users want to have the best, fastest experience, JavaScript allows your application to do more with fewer bytes from the server, resulting in low network latency which in turn improves end-user experience.
  • Universally used for Client-side Scripting: No matter which technology you are using for server-side scripting, JavaScript can be used to provide a rich frontend. Since it is used for client-side scripting, it reduces server load by validating data on the browser itself rather than sending it off to the server, thus only the selected segments of any page needs to be reloaded, in case of any discrepancy, making it one of the reasons to gain popularity among the languages for enterprise application development.
  • No compilation required: The browser interprets JavaScript as it HTML tags thus preventing the need of any compiler for the compilation process.
  • Platform Independent: JavaScript doesn’t require any installation or configuration process, it is a free tech to work with. Any JavaScript enabled browser can easily understand and interpret JavaScript code.

To conclude, some of Javascript frameworks for rich front-end development are Angular.js, Vue.js, React and for the rich back-end development use Node.js, Express.js as the key players.

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Surviving in the programming industry from more than 20 years, Java is considered as the most stable and highly adopted language for building enterprise web applications. Apart from many of the tools that have come to the market for solving enterprise issues, Java remains at the top of the list. What makes Java so unique that it is everyone thinks of Java first when it comes to enterprise app development? Let’s see the benefits of using Java

Business benefits of using Java as a programming language for building your Enterprise Web Application:

  • Short Learning Curve: Java follows the common knowledge of C & C++ with some changes thus allowing developers to learn quickly making a shorter learning curve and its open-source nature adds value to learning.
  • Huge User Community: Since, Java is ruling the industry from more than 20 years now, it has a huge user community and is helping enterprises in gaining a competitive advantage through its open-source code and wide user community that it holds. 
  • Low Maintenance Cost and Faster Processing: As compared to Windows and Mac servers Java is cost-effective to set up and maintain, it can run on any hardware infra, reducing technical demands. It supports multiple platforms and devices thus is well known for high cross-platform compatibility, making it more suitable and easy to adopt for enterprise applications.
  • Vast Array of Libraries: Java supports millions of Libraries and codes which is the basic building block for any enterprise solution. 

Hope you get an Idea why an entrepreneur Love Java and why he should adopt Java for his next enterprise project. 🙂


Python, an easy to learn and understand programming language that has gained a lot of traction in recent years. It has gained more popularity with the rise of Artificial Intelligence, Machine learning, Data Science and server automation and is now considered to be one of the most preferred and powerful languages for building AI-based web and mobile app development companies working on data science and AI prefer Python for their enterprise application development than any other language. The language has its footprints in developing diversified applications such as gaming, prototyping, web frameworks, graphics designing and many more.

Business benefits of using Python as your Enterprise App Development:

  • Interactive Feature: Presence of Python Package Index that contains third-party modules make python compatible to interact with most of the other programming languages and platforms. 
  • Vast Library Support: Python provides a large Standard library, that has high use programming tasks already scripted in it helps in reducing the length of code to be written, maintaining simplicity and increasing performance.
  • Productivity and speed: Python has strong integration features, text processing capabilities, transparent object-oriented design and extensive library support that contribute towards increased productivity and speed for most of the applications.


Hypertext Preprocessor, abbreviated as PHP is one of the most popular programming languages used for server-side scripting. It provides free of cost frameworks to work, with strong security features. 

Business Benefits of using PHP as your Server-Side Scripting Language:

  • High speed and high performance: PHP comes with support for tools like APC, Redis that cache parts of the code and store them directly into the server’s memory, so that they can be called directly whenever required without any delay resulting in faster speed and increased performance.
  • Huge Community: It is an open-source and cross-platform language thus has a huge community build.
  • Reduced costs: There is no licensing fee associated with PHP, it is available to use for free. Developers can also use open-source PHP frameworks to accelerate enterprise software development without increasing the cost. The most widely used PHP frameworks for enterprise apps development are Yii, Slim, Lavarel, Symfony, FuelPHP and Aura.


C#, another player in the race meant to build huge and complex enterprise applications. C# is a tough competitor of Java, is mainly used to develop applications that run on  Microsoft platforms as compared to Java for open source environments.

Business benefits of using C# for Enterprise Software Development: 

  • Easy to Learn: C# is the newest object-oriented evolution in the C family who is more systematic and intelligent than any other members in the family. The syntax of C# resembles with that of Java or C, thus software developers can easily switch to C# from Java and work productively with it. 
  • Automatic Garbage Collection: It has the capability to collect and erase garbage automatically present on the system, preventing the hanging problem at the time of execution. 
  • Faster Development: The C# has a rich library collection that has lots of inbuilt functions which makes development faster.


The bottleneck for any business is to make more by investing less, thus they always seek for a reliable software solution. Exploring all the options on the table towards an enterprise application development is a good move. Choose the one that checks all the options available in your checklist.

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