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  • Designed and Developed Mobile and Web Application for a Leading National Television Broadcasting Company based out of United Kingdom

    The Client was a National Television Broadcasting Company based out of UK, providing regular news and updates to a large pool of user base.

    By infoxen

    About the Client

    The Client’s original mobile and web breaking new alerts and distribution hub (ADH) was built to handle significantly fewer subscribers than the 20 million iOS and and 10 million android subscribers it had gathered over the years.

    Industry Media and Entertainment

    Location UK

    Since 2016


    Below features were designed and developed by our team experts:

  • Subscriber device management
  • Multiple push notification channel management (Apple, Google)
  • Message/notification delivery monitoring
  • Admin portal to manage and monitor network and infrastructure components (Cloud, Message Queues, etc.)
  • Technologies Used

  • The Challenges

    In today’s fast world, it’s very essential to keep oneself updated with the on-going news. The Client was a TV broadcasting company and was responsible to deliver all the news and updates within the stipulated time frame. The client’s old Breaking New Alerts and Distribution Hub was handling fewer subscribers than 20 million iOS and 10 million Android subscribers.

    The client application was lagging 20-minute lag from when new editors entered a story to when subscribers actually received the alert on their mobile and web application

    The Solution

    We, at, Infoxen gathered the client business requirement and analysed the same in depth, so as to cover the minute detail. We proposed a unified strategic pathway and solution using MEAN stack platform. As, a technical software development company, we built the platform using MEAN technology.

    Our MEAN stack engineering team designed and developed the solution from scratch. The client’s old application was using a traditional relational database to store and retrieve the millions of subscribers record, and the news alert notifications were sent to the subscribers in sequential fashion, resulting in long lag time. Our new approach utilizes a batch concept, which sorts records based on platform and stores them in unconventional MongoDB.

    Additionally, the sequential notification approach was changed to multiple applications running asynchronously using a cloud based 3rd party system. Our MEAN developers built the platform to scale,
    to handle subscribers upto 1 billion, so it will help client in accumulating more subscribers in future.

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    The Result

    Timely broadcasting of news

    Developed application helped the client in spreading out the news within 1 minute, leading to instant broadcasting of news to the subscribers.

    Handled large pool of subscriber base

    Platform developed handled the subscribers up to 1 billion, enabling client in accumulating more subscribers in a future span of time.

    Enhanced Online Reputation

    Since the client was able to broadcast news and updates in less than 1 minute, it resulted in good and enhanced client reputation in the market as opposed to old reputation.

    Automated monitoring of critical data

    Automated queries were fired from the backend to gather and figure out any critical bottleneck. The developed application helped the client in gathering all the critical data and information in a short time frame.

    Improved customer service

    Since all the news alerts were broadcasted on a timely basis, it helped the client in more customer base and ultimately reducing exposure to financial risk.

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