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  • Designed and Developed WordPress Alumni Portal for a Leading South Africa Client.

    An alumni portal is a convenient nexus between an institution and its former students. It is a powerful collaboration and marketing tool. Infoxen worked with this client to develop an interactive alumni WordPress web application.

    By infoxen

    About the Client

    The client is an academic organization which offers a range of advanced management courses to a large pool of students.

    Industry Education

    Location South Africa

    Since 2017


    Below features were designed and developed by our team experts:

  • Developed A Custom WordPress solution
  • Administration, membership registration, and other procedures
  • Developed Plugins for Theme
  • MVC-based solution
  • MySQL database
  • Technologies Used

  • The Challenges

    The client chose Infoxen over dozens of other companies because they recognized our unparalleled technical expertise and commitment to excellence. Among their list of prerequisites was an online platform that facilitated connection, communication, and collaboration.

    This ability was to extend beyond restrictions of batch or specialty. They also wanted the portal to have the ability to deliver instant updates, news, and promotional material. This was to be confined with the network for exclusivity.

    The Solution

    We, at Infoxen, gathered the full Client business requirement and proposed a detailed business plan. To overcome the Client business problem, we proposed a unified strategical roadmap and solution using the WordPress Content Management System (CMS). Our professional WordPress developers built the web application using WordPress as a CMS.

    As, a technical Software Development company, we built the platform using a WordPress development service & solution. Our team of talented and professional WordPress Developers provided an MVC-based solution that was supported with MySQL database as a backbone. The developed solution included many innovative features like friend connect which will be helpful for all alumni to join each other in many different ways.

    Developed WordPress solution was tightly integrated with various social media channels like Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter etc. Our WordPress experts and developers proposed and opted the feature of single sign-on capability by which user has to just login into one social channel. Our team automated the system administration, membership registration, and other procedures. We also helped the Client in ongoing WordPress Maintenance and future updates.

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    The Result

    Strong alumni network

    Developed WordPress application helped the Client in connecting all the alumni on one single platform, as alumni are the best evangelists for them.

    Efficient Collaboration Platform

    WordPress platform enabled the Client and its alumni of different batches to collaborate on various events, topics, industry trends, etc. in an easy and streamlined manner. It enabled complete 360-degree collaboration within the alumni network.

    Effective Events Management

    Using the WordPress developed the application, all the relevant event news and details were broadcaster in an effective and efficient fashion, thereby helping all alumni to stay updated.

    Better Skills and Learning Platform

    An engaged alumni network enabled the Client to benefit from the skills and experience of the alumni, as all of them were working professionals with good experience in various industries.

    Enhanced Brand-Building and Awareness

    By having an alumni network, Client was marketed more in an easy fashion, as alumni were the best brand builders and ambassadors to market via word of mouth.

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